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Stop Smoking with Help Me Quit Wales.

Help Me Quit Wales

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Find out what support services are available in your area.

Read about real life success stories, reasons to quit, and common questions about giving up smoking.


You also have support on our attached pharmacy where the pharmacist specialises in Nicotine Replacement Therapy, and there are a number of Stop Smoking Clinics held in your local area.  Just ring  0808 250 6885  or fill in an online form on the website.


Many Local Clinics available, you need not travel far to quit smoking.  Contact Help Me Quit FREE on 0808 250 6885 or 0808 278 1369 complete the online form and an appointment can be arranged for your convenience.  It's not just a telephone advice service, they have a supportive network of local Stop Smoking counsellors who can also prescribe therapy.